Wednesday, October 15, 2003
  Kill Bill Here's a review about a film I had NO desire to see because the lead was an actress of which I'm not a huge fan. I am however a fan of Tarantino in all his wacky glory, so when my spouse said he wanted to see it, I went to see what Quentin had been up too.

Kill Bill moves in and out of chronological sequence, yet tells a straight line tale in a way that only Tarantino can. As usual Quentin deals with this story of revenge in an intriguing way. I love this movie and must admit to a new level of respect for Uma's Thurmans acting ability. She played an ass kicking revenge seeker with gusto and verve, and did not nauseate me with overacting. This film did not dissapoint.

It the story about Uma Thurman's (as a pregnant bride) wedding day masacre in which Uma is left for dead, but returns after a four year coma to even the score with all those who betrayed her; all of them.

The Bride was once a top member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. She decides to leave the business, assume a new identity, and get married. On the day of her marriage, her old "associates," O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu), Elle Driver (Darryl Hannah), Budd (Michael Madsen), and Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox), not to mention her boss, Bill (David Carradine), showed up out of the blue. They assassinate the entire wedding party, and Bill finishes the blood bath by shooting the Bride in the head, putting her in a coma. Bill should have tried harder, because after four years, the Bride has awakened from her coma. And Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...In the sequence where she set out to settle the score with O-Ren Ishii, (the best and most action packed part of the film) she used a Kitana sword in true warrior fashion. (The only thing I have ever learned about a Kitana blade is that they can do an incredible amount of damage, so fine and devastating a fighting instrument it actually is.)

I loved the way Tarantino used animation sequences to tell O-Ren Ishii's tale, and the music used throughout the film is appropriate and excellent. Even the 1,2,3,4's were good. Tarantino's style is one of a kind and though he is usually violent, I can't imagine him telling any story with out all the spurting blood and lost appendages. I under stand Kill Bill Act Two to will be rated NC17 because he will not be using the restraint he used in Kill Bill Act One to get an "R" rating. I'm glad I saw this film, it was awesome. I highly reccommend it, violence and all.  
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